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Children are considered as the supreme asset of any nation. They serveas the vital link between humans and their prolong existence, in this universe. However, this statement fails to justify the dismal situation of children across nations. Vivid forms of atrocities and exploitation, have virtually become an order, in the context of children. Furthermore, issue pertaining to children, have been a matter of neglect and less priority, with policy makers and power structures. As a result, children have been able to attain the status of being one of the most vulnerable sections of the society.

Concept of Child Protection

Concept of child protection considers child protection as the prevention of or responding to the incidence of abuse, exploitation, violence and neglect of children. This includes commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking, child labour and harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation/cutting and child marriage. Protection also allows children to have access to their other rights of survival, development, growth and participation. According to the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) Child Protection is about keeping children safe from a risk or perceived risk to their lives or childhood. It is about recognizing that children are vulnerable and hence reducing their vulnerability by protecting them from harm and harmful situations. Child protection is about ensuring that children have a security net to depend on, and if they happen to fall through the holes in the system, the system has the responsibility to provide the child with the necessary care and rehabilitation to bring them back into the safety net.